About Us

SIBA PR & Marketing is a fruition of a legacy spanning 17 years in creating magic with Brands. We are creatively driven, strategically positioned and cinematically inspired to make films speak volumes before their release. Our inherent capabilities in Design, Print, Photography, Social & Analytics Strategy, Audio Visual and Outdoor, coupled with our Media engagement expertise, lend fuel to our vision of creating innovative disruptions in the fields of Film PR.

At SIBA Ads, we view a PR exercise as a project’s very face, in the eyes of the media.


Our work influences opinion, market behaviour and sentiment towards our clients, namely film producers and their labour of love; THE FILM.

We function as a consultation partner working on an integrated advisory and implementation level.


SIBA’s area of expertise lie in helping film producers raise awareness and create the necessary buzz around their film projects, from the Making level to their pre-release promotional stage.

We bring to the PR vertical, our in-depth knowledge of a Brand promotional initiative’s creative and media processes. This presents us with fresh insights while promoting a film to the world.

Our work seamlessly integrates the power of online and offline channels to create engaging PR communications, transcending beyond the realms of trailers and posters.